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What can make you a better person? 

We all want to be our best. We aim to achieve unimaginable things, and all seek to become the perfect person (if that is even possible). Of course, improving is possible, and there is always a place for that. I'm here to help you! Let's go through the basics of becoming a better person. 

Help others 

Helping others is always an excellent start for self-improving. You will feel more connected; you will build some new skills. Let's say you are planning a social event. Your leadership, as well as marketing skills, will be improved. There will be new relationships, and your self-esteem will be enormously boosted. Long story short, help others! 

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Apply the „Stages of Change“ Model 

Do you know those essay topics you were assigned in elementary school? For example, if you had a magic wand, what would you do? Most of us, at that time, would say something banal, like I would buy the newest phone – which lacks originality, of course. But look at yours. But look at what you know, and ask yourself the same question. You probably will not think the same – you grew up. 

Growing up comes with a lot of stress and anxiety, but let's put our cons list aside. It comes with physical, as well as mental development, and more realistic, as well as optimistic, goals.  

How to achieve that? You can read one of our most recent articles. But let's talk about the model mentioned in the title (because it connects with choosing the best options).  

Stages of Change can lead you to the fastest and easiest path to self-improving.  

What exactly is it, you may ask? Well, it consists of 6 stages. Let's state them down below: 

  1. Precontemplation – Ignoring the problem; 
  1. Contemplation – Being aware of the problem; 
  1. Preparation – Getting ready to change; 
  1. Action – Taking direct actions towards achieving the goal; 
  1. Maintenance – Maintaining new behavior; 
  1. Relapse – Reaffirming your goal and having a commitment to change. 

The thing worth mentioning is that you must not make changes to yourself if you are not ready. It's completely normal, and it's more common than you think. 

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Take care of yourself 

While watching Youtube videos, you may have seen YouTubers having a self-care routine. That routine varies from person to person, whether it's a hygiene routine, a studying routine, or even a working-out routine.  

It's essential to find what suits you the best; to be more exact, you must discover what feels right for you. It's also important to know that you cannot predict nor control the circumstances you face – but you can control how you care about yourself – not stressing and allowing yourself to grow.  

While this, as I said, varies from person to person, there are some universal strategies we all must do.  

  1. Sleep – It's important for your emotional and physical well-being because too little or poor quality sleep can leave you feeling more stressed and less able to find solutions to problems you face, especially the ones that require no-thinking time.  
  1. Nutrition – We all heard the sentence „You are what you eat“. In order to be healthy, in any way, you have to eat good and healthy food. A poor diet can, after all, make you feel tired – you need that fuel! 
  1. Connection with others – I'm sure you have at least one good friend. It can be said from everyone's experience that having a good friend is enough to make you feel accepted, more resilient, and without a problem (relatively speaking). Not to mention the motivation you can get from someone who's your friend – it happened to me!  
  1. Downtime – Yay! Taking time for yourself! While this depends on your personality, whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, both have one thing in common – they like time for themselves: watching series, reading, running, or exercising. 
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Be positive and forgive others 

Forgiving is an act that helps you connect with the people you recently had a problem with. Let go of certain things: Past is the past. What's important is to move on and to live your life without „enemies“. Forgive people who have hurt you, and try to live your life to the fullest – you only have one life and why not live it with positivity, friends, and happiness? 

Here is a small guide from me again. I hope it helped you realize how we all have our problems, but we have to work together to solve them – nothing can be solved by being held in ourselves. Feel free to speak about your feelings, open up to others and take it slow. Go with the flow, enjoy every step of this life that's been given to you, and be stress – free. 

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#Move on

*An article was prepared and written byBalša Kićović, Textual Content Creator. 


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