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From Burnout to Bliss: A Guide to Finding Happiness

Finding balance in life is hard – it means rewriting your habits, relationships, and life in general. After being stressed, burnout occurs, which sucks you into a loophole of procrastinatory nothingness. 

Being 17 is very young, but it has given me a particular perspective on the world and its ways of threatening your everyday life.

I felt depressed, anxious, unwelcome, and like an outsider. Feelings like these do not offer joy but only “untreatable” sadness that often projects onto people around us. It has been an awful time, but I used it to my advantage – I grew more decisive, independent, and ready for life’s call.  

As the title says, we’ll discuss how to travel from the world of demotivation to the world of perfect joy – bliss, how to help others get there, and how always to be present!

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 An introduction to burnout

Burnout is feeling emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausted, usually caused by prolonged stress and excessive demands in various aspects of life. 

Being sad, depressed, anxious, and burnout is not the same – they all have specific causes and symptoms that make each of them horrible. What about burnout?

Typical causes of burnout include overworking, lack of control, unclear expectations, and poor work-life balance. Each of these is worth discussing, so we’ll get into them quickly!

Overworking is the most “popular” cause of burnout since it’s silently ruining your life. No matter overworking’s silence, it still manages to get number one on this list, so be careful; we all need a break sometimes.

The next cause is a lack of control. You cannot stop working, can you? Well, be careful about the side effects of it – you cannot achieve your bliss if you can’t control your desire to work. Create a schedule with regular work hours! Don’t you dare ignore this and end up working 10 hours tomorrow! Enjoy your life tomorrow – go for a walk, listen to music, or read a book. It’s worth it.

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Next on our list is an expectation that needs to be clarified during choosing goals and essential choices in life. You either overestimate or underestimate yourself. Find a middle point and work on staying on it as long as possible! Be conscious of your positive and negative sides and work towards finding the balance. 

Having a poor work-life balance can be overwhelming too! You cannot do anything without stressing over the other one. There’s nothing good in that. Create a schedule. Install “Notion” and live every day to your fullest.

Prioritize self-care

When was the last time you engaged in some self-care activities? You don’t remember, don’t you? Go to the nearest shop, buy a face mask, get a new hobby, work out, and meditate

Of course, these are just a few of the numerous activities to get quality self-time. We all need a break to cool off from everyday stress. Self-care is the best shot you got! After all, you’re with yourself 24/7, so why not make it worth it?

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Find healthy coping mechanisms

Coping mechanisms present a way of making our hard times more manageable, but sometimes people don’t use the right ones! 

We live in a world where drugs, and especially alcohol, are normalized in society. You most likely have witnessed children convincing one another to consume alcohol and cigarettes. Wherever you go, every party has alcohol; if you’re struggling with its consummation, you simply can not. It’s all around you, and you can do nothing about it. 

Instead of these horrible things, why not just journal your thoughts, ideas, and everyday life, almost like a diary?

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Another healthy coping mechanism is talking to a friend. I assure you you’re not alone and you’ll always find someone to talk to. It’s a great way to bond with that person, but it will also help you remove negativity from your body. 

In the end, not everything’s terrible – therapists will help you find yourself, the solutions for your problems, and the problems themself.

Take time off

Being in this organization is a beautiful job – there are positive people everywhere, constant motivation, and lifetime friends. 

No matter how much I love this job, I’ve had hard times too! Do you know what I did? I took a break and told them I’d return in a week or two. I can assure you I felt more relaxed, concentrated, and happier in every way. 

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Speaking in general, taking time off can help you respite from the demands of everyday life. There’s always something to worry about, but there’s always something to be joyful about. That makes life beautiful balancing good and evil and the people around us. 

After all, you surely know someone who’s struggling. Share this article and help them be happier and more content every day. Be there for them, make them proud to have you as a friend, and buy them chocolate – no one says “no” to that, right?

Cultivate positive relationships

Going through a fight is okay. Our bodies wouldn’t be alright if nothing ever hurts, and that’s the case with relationships.

Your parents may be snobs in your opinion, but they want the best for you. Why stress over something when it can be fixed? It’s more beautiful to love and support each other. 

Love is the only thing that can save the world from chaos. Building new relationships helps you find your true self; it enables you to learn something new about others, too – it improves your social skills and knowledge; there’s always something new to learn from others. 

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Congrats! You’ve read the whole article! I hope it’s been fun reading it and you have realized how to achieve bliss out of burnout. Nothing lasts forever, neither good nor bad things, so let’s make good memories, love each other and make the world a better place, shall we?

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*An article was prepared and written byBalša Kićović, Textual Content Director. 


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