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A Day in the Life of a Creative Person

Being creative is not easy – there are constant judgments, and we also have a hard time realizing our ideas. We have tons of them, but the start isn't there!

Even though our life can be challenging, I wouldn't change a thing about them. They're unique, exciting, and never dull! What are the things that make them this way? Also, how to live this life to the fullest? You'll find all about that in this text! Fasten your seatbelts because you are going on the ride of your life!

Creative Mornings

Good Morning to you, too! So, you just woke up, and what should you do? You probably want to sing, paint or do whatever your creative passion is; all of us do! Apparently, it doesn't work that way. Even we struggle with motivation, so, for starters, make your bed – it will make you feel like you have already done something worthwhile.

Afterward, hit the gym or do exercises at home! It will boost your immune system, make you stronger, and make you happier as well! Then go for a walk, study, or enjoy the day by singing, painting, writing a poem, or watching some random DIY tutorials on YouTube.

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How to be a Creative Person?

We all had moments where we said, “I am not a creative person; I can't” – we are expected to come up with a good idea, but no matter the effort, it just doesn't seem possible. We often look at creative ones we know, and we admire them.

Luckily for all of us, creativity is not a gift; it's a skill. This is also confirmed by psychologists in the article that holds the same name as the sentence before.

“The problem is that many people need to believe they have creative ability. After years of socialization – especially during the formative years of school in which we were taught to conform – most people believe that creativity is a gift that only a few are born with. The good news is that ingenuity is not a gift but a skill that can be cultivated. It is a skill that can be acquired at any age.”

Start with a morning freewrite

We all have days when we get stressed out from the work we have to do. According to Harvard Business School Professor Teresa Amabile, regular workplace journaling allows you to rediscover your perspective and become more productive.

Instead of jumping right at your work, create your detox notebook with all your positive and negative thoughts.

Here are examples of how you can start writing:

  • Recently, I've been struggling with…
  • I am thankful for…
  • Today, I should avoid…
  • Connect with creative people

When you have a blockade and don't have any more ideas, reach out to creative people! Surround yourself with people you want to be like, get their feedback, give them ideas and let them give you ideas.

Another great reason to do this is that they'll give you motivation. Still, they'll also give you a healthy dose of competition – challenge your inner child!

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What Are the Perks of Being Creative

It simply feels good! Try to think about that inevitable time you felt creative! What were you doing? How did it make you feel? I bet fantastic, and I am not anxious at all!

After all, there is a scientific reason for almost everything, and this isn't excluded. Research shows that being creative brings positive emotions and contributes to overall well-being. By focusing on creative activities, we forget about other things, and it helps to reduce stress and worry.

What are the other benefits? Well, it connects you with people who enjoy the same activities, improves coordination, it builds confidence. Still, it may discover a hidden talent of yours you never knew existed!

We are all born for something. We all have the potential to be creative regardless of our age or ability. Not everyone is born creative, some are born for sciences, but if you want to be creative – you can be!

After all, you can be anything you want, whenever you want, and whoever you want. It's all your choice, and it all depends on you – not some side characters. You are the main one in your story!

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*An article was prepared and written byBalša Kićović, Textual Content Creator. 


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