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5 Major Mistakes Students Make When Studying 

Exams test the learning process of the student, its efficiency, as well as methods used for it. However, numerous mistakes happen during studying., they are not common. 

I have always said that it’s normal to make mistakes when studying – it’s a process that requires a lot of trying and finding specific techniques that are right for you. We must learn from our mistakes and come back better in any way. 

This text is about 5 significant mistakes students make when studying. It’s extremely helpful because it jumps right into the time when the grades are given and exams were taken. Let’s start, shall we? 

Not studying regularly 

This represents one of the biggest issues in students’ lives. Studying regularly is hard and the reason for it is that we still haven’t gotten back to our regular school habits. We got used to watching series during the break and, I’m confirming it, it’s extremely hard to get back on track. 

Do you know what’s the other bad side of this? I’m telling you from the experience, you will end up with a lot of guilt in your mind – especially if you were a good student a  year before.  

Exam preparation time always exceeds the students’ anticipated time for preparation. Based on the previous sentence, my advice is to start making a timetable for fun and school together – combine them, create a balance and you will be making your life a lot easier. 

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Studying passively 

No one has taught us how to study – we were told that we have to figure it out on our own. What has that led us to? To a disaster where we don’t know how to study. We study passively – we rewrite the lecture in our notebooks, we use highlighter the wrong way, and we even learn everything, even literature, by heart. That’s a big no!  

Find a right technique for you. Check out this website if you want to hear more about it! 

An advice I can give you is to test and quiz yourself throughout the day, just read and write what you remember and then fill in with the things you didn’t write. It’s as simple as that. 

Studying too much all the time or at the moment 

You must have heard that the more you study, the better you are going to do on a test. Well, that’s sometimes lie. The different types of studies demand different approaches to study. 

Imagine studying everything in Mathematics at the same time – geometry, trigonometry, algebra, etc. The result? Not good at all, even if you do it 10 days in a row. 

Just make sure you are devoting the same amount of time to all the concepts systematically. Simply, divide everything equally because, otherwise, you will make a mess in your mind. A tiny unhealthy habit can lead to this. Make sure you equally distribute everything. 

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Studying one way only 

By this subtitle, it’s meant that you totally leave out the other study techniques – you are sticking to the one you’ve been using for last 5 years.  

This will create a “blockade” in your brain. You will get used to that one technique, ignoring the other ones. Even if your technique is good for some time, it is not going to always be effective. Sometimes, you’ll need a quick set of information – you’re in a hurry. You can’t read your entire lecture nor notes. You simply have to make multiple plans, but techniques too. 

Studying continuously 

And, for the final problem, we have studying without any breaks. We all need a break sometimes, our bodies after a long run, and our brains after a lot of studying. 

Most of the students believe that studying without a break will lead them to better, long-term, and wider knowledge. That’s not true at all! It will make you even more tired and sleepy. 

Listen to my, relatively popular, advice. The Pomodoro Technique. It says that a short break after every 25 minutes is good for the brain. Not only a small break, but it also advises interspersing of the longer breaks after a longer duration of time. 

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Since it’s exam time now, I wish you all good luck! I hope you will find this advice helpful and on time – remember mistake number one?  

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*An article was prepared and written byBalša Kićović, Textual Content Creator. 


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